Issue VI

An Interview with Patti Solis Doyle, Renowned Campaign Manager, BY AKHIL RAJAN

Rethinking Recovery: A New Haven Organization Empowers Addicts After Prison, BY AYLA KAHN

Eyes on the Revolution: A Personal Account of Ukraine’s Euromaidan Movement, BY CHRISTINA FIGLUS

Sharing the Burden: Ministries Offer an Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance, BY JULIANNA LAI

Frequent Flyers: Non-Emergency Calls Strain 911 System, BY KAT LIN

From Ankara, Without Love: The Battle for Turkey Reaches Texas Charter Schools, BY RAHUL NAGVEKAR

E-mortality: Death in the Digital Age, BY TC MARTIN

Farmers, Fields, and Fear: The Colombian Growers Caught in the War on Coca, BY VERONICA LIRA ORTIZ