A Mysterious Death and Argentina’s Uncertain Future

“No one can shut me up, […] no power can shut me up,” she bristled. On January 30, Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner appeared on national television and rebuked her critics. The incident exemplifies what her presidency has become: a dysfunctional system rapidly losing popularity. Elected in 2007, and re-elected in 2011 for a

Putin’s Choice

Vladimir Putin has a choice to make. The ruble has collapsed due to plummeting oil prices and crippling sanctions, putting the Russian economy and potentially his standing at risk. Putin is backed into a corner, as the world waits to see whether he will abide by the recently established ceasefire in Ukraine. It could happen

Floggings, Beheadings, and the Western Narrative

In front of the busy Al-Jalafi Mosque in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a short, pixelated cellphone video captures the graphic scene of a man being mercilessly flogged in front of hundreds of onlookers. A policeman shouts at the crowd that no cellphones are allowed and recording is forbidden, but the mob’s rhythmic chants of “Allahu akbar”

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Speech Rights Are Gay Rights

Roberts and Thomas may be on the wrong side of history, but their understanding of democracy and the freedoms it confers should not be dismissed as meaningless abstraction.