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Summer 2019


Allison Park on presidential and New York City politics

What’s the deal with Bill de Blasio?






Lizzie Bjork on the 2020 democratic candidates

Honey Badger or Tortoise: Kirsten Gillibrand Struggles to Break Through a Crowded Field

– Rising Star or Shooting Star: Castro Capitalizes on the First Debate




Catherine Zou on culture

Review: You Need to Calm Down








Pre-Frosh Columnist Program


Mina Caraccio on Catalan politics

12 Angry Men: Catalan Democracy on Trial





Shayaan Subzwari on the role of culture in government







Sindhura Siddapureddy on social justice and international politics

The Curse of Caste









Spring 2019


Oona Holahan on movies and TV

Matthew Barney’s Redoubt

Short Films

Review of Roma




Joe Peck on American and European politics

John McCain Was Not A Hero

Wild Left Hero

The Unavailing Statesman





Claire Kalikman on culture

“Coisa Mais Linda” Really is the Most Beautiful New Show

“Lady J”: What’s In a Name

Your Best Bet for Binging: Elite






Kevin Han on Asian politics

The Way for Huawei

A Korean Moon Shot

The Curious Case of Tsai Ing-wen





Fall 2018



Jorge Familiar Avalos on Mexican politics

On Oil Refineries and Change

A Tale of Two Infrastructure Projects

AMLO’s Greatest Challenge

AMLO, Trump, and the Caravan

Morena’s Great Power and Responsibility

AMLO’s Stage Fright



Jacob Hutt on American politics

Protecting Republics from Republicans (and Democrats too)

Can Trump End Birthright Citizenship?

How Should We Have Judged Kavanaugh?





Abby Lee on the politics of culture

Thank U, Next: A Love Letter to Self Love

The Disappearance of Joan Brown

The Gender Politics of Ballroom Dancing

Failing to Reclaim “Anaconda”