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Liveblogging the Death Spiral

Join The Politic as we liveblog the first Presidential Debate of 2016!

Weiner: A Love Story Of Sorts

Cameron Wright explains why Weiner is must-watch, and not just for political junkies.

Last Week Right Now

Albin Quan recaps last week's election news and tells us what to look for in the weeks ahead.

Why Patti Smith Writes

Gabriella Limón recounts Patti Smith's thoughts on writing, hubris, and the importance of travel.

Yale Police Officer Threatens La Unidad Latina en Acción Protesters

BETWEEN 12PM AND 1pm on Friday, a Yale Police officer issued veiled threats to members of La Unidad Latina en Acción (ULA), a Latino social justice group that protests the name of Calhoun College.

Fellows Night Out

Surbhi Bharadwaj explores the World Fellows" Night and reports back on the

The Ceasefire in Syria

Alexander O'Neill explains what the recent Syrian ceasefire accomplishes, and what it doesn't.

Donald Reaches Out

Adrianne Owings looks at whether The Donald's recent attempt at minority outreach will succeed.

The Brazilian From Qatar: Thoughts from a Beach Volleyball Game in Rio

Alexander Gerszten reports from Rio on a beach volleyball match with an unexpected Brazilian player.

Ruminations in Rio

Alexander Gerszten reflects on his first few days in Rio during the Olympics.