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The Natalist Question

Whether to Curse the Day You Were Born

Literature Review: The Accusation by Bandi

The Accusation is a collection of short stories that were penned by a North Korean author, under the pseudonym of Bandi.

“Our Country, Our Home:” Alternative for Germany and The Politics of National Guilt

The meaning of heimat, and the rise of the AfD party in Germany.

An Interview with Cory Booker

"If I didn’t have the job I have now, I’d still be doing what I’m doing now, which is trying to advocate for this country to live up to its promise to all Americans."

Election Day 2017 Liveblog

Welcome to The Politic's liveblog covering the results of the 2017 elections!

Letter from the Section Editor

Welcome to The Sophist, a new Politic platform.

The Case Against Classroom Zen

Why it’s wrong and reductive to teach mindfulness meditation in public schools.

The Disbelieved

What feminist epistemology can teach us about sexual assault on college campuses.

who [taught] you to think??!!?!?!?!

To appreciate Milo’s music, look for unorthodoxy and anti-genealogy.

Rise of the A.I. Manager

What if an artificial super-intelligence controlled the economy?

Becoming Post-Human

An introduction to transhumanism: the movement, the theory, the dangers.

Water: From Thales to Israeli-Palestinian Apartheid

An ancient philosopher’s theory brings water politics in Israel and Palestine to the fore.