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Trump Still Far Behind Post-Debate

A less-than-stellar debate performance leaves Donald with a huge polling gap to overcome.

The Last Debate

Buckle up.

War on Terror Culture and the Strangling of Human Rights

The Islamophobic outpourings from War on Terror culture represent a clear and pressing threat to human rights.

Human Rights 2016: Where We Are and How We Got Here

Why are “human rights” at the center of international conversation surrounding the US election, but within domestic discourse, they are rarely mentioned, if at all?

Liveblogging the Death Spiral: Part Two

Join us as we liveblog what may be the most exciting/horrifying presidential debate in American history!

Trumping the Tax Return: What Tax Returns Reveal About A Presidential Nominee

In every presidential election since 1975, presidential nominees have always voluntarily disclosed their tax returns to the public. Not this time.

VP Debate Liveblog

Welcome to The Politic’s liveblog of the 2016 Vice Presidential debate with Anna Blech, Jacob Malinowski, Rose Mintzer-Sweeney, White Helmet, and Dad.

Keeping Down the Kardashians

Katherine Kidney examines media coverage of Kim Kardashian's robbery.

Liveblogging the Death Spiral

Join The Politic as we liveblog the first Presidential Debate of 2016!

Weiner: A Love Story Of Sorts

Cameron Wright explains why Weiner is must-watch, and not just for political junkies.