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Spiderman: Homecoming

A film review of Marvel's latest production in the Spiderman franchise.

The Holocaust as Climate Change Warning

“The problem with our focus on the rescuers and rescued is that by the time those terms become relevant, the Holocaust already happened.”

The Battle for Mosul

Coalition forces outnumber Islamic State combatants by approximately twenty-to-one, but the Islamic State becomes more violent and unpredictable as its opposition grows stronger.

Pakistan Strikes Back

In the wake of the deadliest terrorist attacks in years, Pakistan is upping its efforts to root out threats.

Too Brown for Hollywood, But Never Brown Enough

“I’m never brown enough,” says Farah Bala. “I just speak English so well.”

A Time for Violence

The Rohingyas face persecution while Aung Sun Suu Kyi stands silent.

Venezuelan Referenda: Disease or Cure?

Referenda in Venezuela have weakened the opposition and are contributing to the country's political problems.

Airbnb and New Haven

Jacob Malinowski explores Airbnb around Yale.

Unbuckling Expression: A History of Free Speech Policies at Yale

Freedom of speech has become a lightning rod for controversy on college campuses. Natalie Schoen ‘20 delves into the history of policies and administrative decisions aimed at balancing freedom of expression and safety at Yale.

Waging War: Labor Tensions Flare at Yale and Harvard

A strike by Harvard dining hall workers has opened up national conversations about university labor. Sofia Menemenlis ’20 explores the origins of the three-week dining hall worker strike and Yale’s fractious history of labor relations.

Mastry and Our Moment: Questioning Western Portrayals of History

Mastry, Kerry James Marshall’s new exhibit at the Met Breuer, explores African American experiences throughout American history while alluding to classical Western themes. Marshall comments on the dominance of Western narratives within art and depicts an artistic engagement with the past. Mykolaj Suchy '19 broadens this discussion, investigating the prevalence of the Western canon within museums and how institutions can counter an exclusionary view of history.

Whose Trump Is This Anyway?

Donald Trump is already shifting away from some of his core policy proposals.