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Bush portraits shed little light on anything

The man is chilling after eight years of doing the most stressful job on the planet – leave him alone with his watercolors.

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The unlikeliest of friendships

How did these two bitter political rivals become such good friends?

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No love for the Lt. gov?

No one ever says their dream is to be the vice president, the deputy CEO, the assistant coach, the associate manager, or the lieutenant governor.

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The marshmallow and the jamón

Just as ham and marshmallows do not particularly mix, neither do the two men leading France.

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Cutting costs becomes an expensive crisis for GM

In 2005, GM found that changing the problem switch would have added a dollar to the cost of each car. The additional cost was not found to be an “acceptable business case.”

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Why the Supreme Court was right about campaign donations

For the time being, this seems to be a decision that will have much less bearing on future elections than many would like to admit.

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