Donald Trump’s Bizarre Obsession With Blood

Trump's remarks suggest that he has a disturbing obsession with blood and the female body.

The Problem with Daddy’s Girl

Why father-daughter dances are wrong and why you should care.

“It’s Not Me, It’s Them”: A Look at Group Division and U.S. Politics

Chloe Heller, inspired by a piece by blogger Scott Alexander, examines political polarization in the U.S.

The New Bully Pulpit: When Comedy Turns Political

"It’s time for comedians to recognize their role in educating the future electorate—especially young people."

Toeing the Line: Local 33’s Protest Tactics and Their Impact on Public Opinion

“I think a lot of protests focus on sensationalism, but I think making sure your people are empowered and in it for the long haul [is] key.”

Wealth Is Not Immoral

Helen Zhao responds to the claim that it is unacceptable to retain personal wealth.

A Yale College Graduate’s Defense of Local 33

"Graduate students at private universities have the right to unionize as workers, and it is time for Yale to recognize that right."

Salovey Gets It Right: On Fasting in the Ivory Tower

Local 33 is wrong to invoke historical examples of human rights abuses to glorify their protests.

Humor: Rebels Defy President-for-life Salovey

The hipsters are fasting, and they're doing it in style.

Pressure from All Sides: The War in Syria and Foreign Intervention

Justin Jin shares a brief summary of the conflict in Syria and gives us his take on events.

Tomi Lahren: Like a Phoenix, She Will Rise from the Ashes

“Lahren has fallen victim to a system that has fed off of her willingness to create controversy.”

EDITORIAL: Our YCC Endorsements

The empty debate room on Tuesday night confirmed not only YCC’s failure to engage students, but also our own apathy toward their most immediate body for institutional reform. We applaud all of this year’s candidates for their energy and commitment to students—and we hope that they return the favor.