United No More: The United Nations versus the United States

Selective humanitarianism is inherently unhumanitarian.

Dear President Obama: A Reflection on Your Legacy in Africa

Mr. Obama, we adore and admire what you stand for, but we hold you morally accountable for what you have done.

Hanging America Out to Dry: Justice Kennedy’s Most Notable Display of Conservatism

Like the Patriots in Lexington and Concord, the American people must remain diligently disposed, ensuring that their existence is not invalidated, endangered, at the whim of a conservative-controlled court.

Party Crashers: Why Trying to Delay Kavanaugh’s Nomination Is Against Democrats’ Better Interest

While a conservative justice being swiftly appointed is hard to stomach, the sentiment among conservatives that they have shored up all three branches of government might be exactly what democrats need to thrive in the midterms.

Review: Ye by Kanye West

It is obvious—perhaps painstakingly—that Kanye tries to find subversion in his art by forcing controversy upon his listeners.

An Interview with Jason Ortiz, Connecticut Marijuana Legalization Advocate

"'And so I asked her, 'What is like the opposite, what is the most grassroots legalization bill that’s ever been written?' And she said 'Honestly, there isn’t one.' And then we were like, 'okay, in that case, let’s write one.'"

Radical: The Victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

"With the proper branding, democratic socialists can have significant appeal in a wide array of districts. So while these radicals may not be the future of the Democratic Party, they’re definitely capable of throwing their weight around."

The End of the Pax Americana: Trump and the Rise of China

Trump’s isolationist policies in the current day are the modern manifestation of a long trend of US policies regarding China, now allowing them more than ever to marshal allies to challenge the reigning superpower.

Prestige, Power, and Junot Díaz

We have been conditioned to view genius as a vengeful god, worthy of worship no matter the consequence.

The Youth in Mexico’s Historic Election

This article is a response to every candidate who is thinking about us as numbers in the ballot boxes, instead of as citizens.

Framing Gender

Sometimes, the greatest damage isn’t inflicted in one day, but over a lifetime of having an identity shoved down your throat.

Ideology: Political Polarization in the Trump Era

Tribalism is so deeply ingrained within each of us that articles encouraging us to leave our echo chambers seem to miss the point.