A Porn Revolution: Potential and Reform in the Industry

“The sex can stay dirty, but the values have to be clean.”

A Hesitant #MeToo

"#MeToo has only begun to expose the violence embedded in society, but the discussion cannot end here."

Trump, “Shithole” Countries, and Political Correctness: A Response

"The undeniable success of the liberal American state is due in large part to a dark, often-ignored underbelly of racism and prejudice."

The Fashion Shepherds: How Trends Arrive from the Runway to our Wardrobes

"Before seeing so many styles debuted on the runway, I overlooked the influence of fashion shepherds."

The Problem With Humans of New York

"Some of this suffering is the cause of human relationships, but much of it has to do with social crises like housing segregation and discrimination."

“That Constitution will be no more!”: Trump, Jefferson, and Presidential Challenges to the Judiciary

"Trump’s actions may have precedents, but Jefferson’s intrusions into the judicial system were repudiated and proved politically damaging."

The Politics of the Holiday Season

Jack Kelly writes about the political nature of the holiday season.

The Irresponsibility of the Elite: Why We Protest the Aggrandizement of Thomas Friedman

Students respond to Yale's hosting of Middle East journalist Thomas Friedman.

Admissions Absurdity: “Holistic” In Name Only

"Really, the admissions panel is evaluating how you present yourself. Don’t take it personally."

Americans Can’t Afford a Tuition Tax

"Now is not the time to be silent: the next few weeks could determine the fate of higher education in our country."

Friendsgiving: Pies, Ice Cream, and Growing Up

There is something magical about seeing old hometown friends in a new city.

A Thanksgiving Reflection: Navigating the Holidays and LGBTQ Identity

Lauren Lee reflects on Thanksgiving, acceptance, and family in light of her LGBTQ identity.