Playing America’s Games: Mascots and the Color Line

At the 100th Anniversary Football Game between Yale and Dartmouth, the Yale Athletics department sparked controversy by printing posters with racist depictions of Native Americans.

The Failure of America’s First “Chinese Wall”

Jonah Bader explores the historical precedent for Trump's Great Wall.

Love Thy Neighbor — Aid Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is ailing—and the Republican party has turned a blind eye.

We Can All Be Feminists: Adichie versus Beyoncé

"Her type of feminism is not mine."

Time and Time Again: Unrest in Ethiopia

For the uncle I never knew but will unconditionally love and for my beautiful mother who has witnessed both heaven and hell.

Eurosphere: Outsourcing the State

In the first installment of his column on European affairs, Josh Hochman questions the legitimacy of referenda.

El-Sisi in the Media

American media coverage of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi splits along party lines.

The Last Debate

Buckle up.

War on Terror Culture and the Strangling of Human Rights

The Islamophobic outpourings from War on Terror culture represent a clear and pressing threat to human rights.

Human Rights 2016: Where We Are and How We Got Here

Why are “human rights” at the center of international conversation surrounding the US election, but within domestic discourse, they are rarely mentioned, if at all?