Sentient Beings: The Case for Veganism

Once you accept that animals are sentient beings, there can be no real argument that animals are not suffering in our ‘supply chain.’

Facts Matter: On Student Activism and the Endowment

"When activists hold themselves to a higher standard, they force those in power to consider and address their legitimate accusations."

Ditch Disenfranchisement: Restore Felons’ Rights to Vote

"Even after leaving life behind bars, former felons continue to be punished over and over again."

After Shootings, Adapting New Policies for Increased School Security

“Four months into 2018, there have already been 20 school shootings in the U.S. Once a week, students at one unlucky school are exposed to the dangers of gun violence.”

Eliminate the Contribution

Participating in the rally was, for me, uplifting and inspiring. The student income contribution is an undue burden on low- and middle-income students, and it’s got to go.

Politics of #WalkUpNotOut

Students, generally speaking, are in school to learn, not to be crisis counselors, psychologists, or even outreach officers.

The Feminism of Jacinda Ardern’s Pregnancy

When asked how she managed both morning sickness and the task of installing a new government, Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern responded "It's what ladies do."

YCC Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates: Saloni Rao and Heidi Dong

ASL offered for credit. The Domestic Summer Award. The First-Year Handbook. This past year, the YCC has been instrumental in instituting a number of major changes on campus. These came as the result of advocacy and careful thought, and though they took a lot of time, their implementation was the culmination of a lot of […]

YCC Presidential Candidate: Azaria King

Azaria King, BK '20, explains why she should be YCC President.

YCC Vice-Presidential Candidate: Casey Ramsey

Casey Ramsey, Murray '20, explains why he should be YCC Vice-President.

YCC Presidential Candidate: Shunhe Wang

Shunhe Wang, Morse '20, explains why he should be YCC President.

March for Our Lives and the Most Potent Antidote to Violence

"If something is ailing society, and if we are to turn the tide back to a life-affirming course, the healthy segment of the body must rise up. No less than the survival of our Republic depends on it."