A First Lady Who Fits the Bill

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in November, the American people will have their first First Gentleman. But Hillary has made it clear that Bill won’t be picking out the china or floral arrangements. Anna Blech analyzes the fraught gender politics of presidential spouse-hood, and tells us how we got to a situation where the nation’s first female president can have it all—all the power and all the housework.

Ruminations in Rio

Alexander Gerszten reflects on his first few days in Rio during the Olympics.

Open the Priesthood

Katherine Kidney argues that it is time to put erroneous Church traditions aside and allow women to become priests.

We’re Not Taking Her For Granted

Makayla Haussler rejects the idea that millennial women are taking the first female nominee for granted.

Share Their Videos

Adrian Rivera argues for breaking the bubble of those who would otherwise ignore racism.

New Pence Who Dis

Michael Mei takes a look at what Mike Pence means to the Trump candidacy.

Don’t Forget, and Don’t Give In

Madeleine Colbert asks us not to accept defeat and defeatism on gun control.

The Fourths of July

Take a look back with Hans Taggarse at what was happening during the Independence Days

What Now, Justice? A Q&A with Utah v. Strieff

Stella Shannon goes in depth on the ramifications of Utah v. Strieff, the Supreme Court's latest Fourth Amendment case.

Orlando, Stonewall, and the Politics of Tragedy

Kyle Ranieri asks for a vigil for American politics and its inability to grieve.