Salovey Gets It Right: On Fasting in the Ivory Tower

Local 33 is wrong to invoke historical examples of human rights abuses to glorify their protests.

Humor: Rebels Defy President-for-life Salovey

The hipsters are fasting, and they're doing it in style.

Pressure from All Sides: The War in Syria and Foreign Intervention

Justin Jin shares a brief summary of the conflict in Syria and gives us his take on events.

Tomi Lahren: Like a Phoenix, She Will Rise from the Ashes

“Lahren has fallen victim to a system that has fed off of her willingness to create controversy.”

EDITORIAL: Our YCC Endorsements

The empty debate room on Tuesday night confirmed not only YCC’s failure to engage students, but also our own apathy toward their most immediate body for institutional reform. We applaud all of this year’s candidates for their energy and commitment to students—and we hope that they return the favor.

Kill Your Darlings: The Downfall of Milo Yiannopoulos

"Milo has always had a strained relationship with conservatism."

Media in the Age of Trump

"Now that the spotlight is on the press, its failures have even greater ramifications."

Blame One Direction for Brexit

Coincidence? I think not.

Lost in the Pond: Crimea and the West’s Acquiescence to the Status Quo

In the first installment of his column on European issues ignored in the American press, Maks Szwajewski discusses the Western response to Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Not Enough Jazz

"Instead of scholarship, we get spectacle."

The DNC’s Counter-Revolution

The Democratic National Committee's chair race has alienated progressives and failed to unify the party.

Prime Minister Paul Ryan

What if the United States had a parliamentary system?