Review: A Star is Born

In many ways, the 2018 version seems to function as the story but of Gaga herself–only told in reverse.

The Paradox of the Democrats? Ellison, Franken, and #MeToo

Calling for further investigation in cases which do not have sufficient evidence for the party to make a decision is the only way for Democrats to respect the nuances of different situations, and respect the victims who have brought them to the fore.

Xi’s Consolidation of Power and the Future of China

What does the simultaneous increase in government power and growing public mistrust of government mean for China’s regime?

Financing Identity: The Future of the Democratic Establishment

She was running on a vision: a vision for a truly progressive New York, with universal healthcare, an end to homelessness, and a host of other idealistic policies.

An Open Letter to Louis C.K.

I will never again call myself a C.K. fan. You haven’t taken the time to listen to your victims, so I will not take the time to listen to you.

Review: Nina Cried Power

“Nina Cried Power” stands simultaneously as an anthem to protest music and as a criticism of the sort of hollow activism or wokeness that dominates media today.

Defining a Fish: Makah Indian Tribe v. Quileute Indian Tribe

163 years later, a question remains: does the term “fish” include whales and seals?

Review: Boys and Toy Guns

The play offers one answer: that to be a man is to have a proclivity for violence.

Inevitabilmente: Institutional Failure Preceding Italy’s “Government of Change”

From Italy’s fascist government before the war to its flirtation with communism in the 1980s, Italian politics has been so fluid that radical political change is almost traditional.

Turkey’s Elections, Erdogan, and the Muslim Ummah (Community)

The Western world’s dislike of Turkish President Erdogan is growing. However, it is not stopping Muslims around the world from embracing his domestic and foreign policies.

On Plastic Straw Bans

Piecemeal environmental policy, however, cannot replace coordinated national action.

A Mutual Understanding: The Value of Science and Philosophy

Making any argument about the burden of should—including the role ethics should play in science—requires the basic ability to make a value judgment, a skill firmly within the domain of philosophy.