A Yale Professor Explains: Daniel Mattingly Talks Xi Jinping

“It’s a violent business being an autocrat, and it will only worsen because of this unclear succession process.”

An Interview with Gareth Evans, Former Foreign Minister of Australia

"[UN conventions] do reflect genuinely universal values, and it's time we recognize that, and we have to in order to give them salience. It’s not just yours versus ours."

An Interview with Gina Raimondo, Governor of Rhode Island

"We’ll have a stronger democracy if everyone has their voice heard and everyone has confidence in a voting system."

An Interview with Stephen Cognetta, founder of HackMentalHealth

“It’s crazy how relevant the skill of active listening was from being a Lyft driver to being a Product Manager at Google to being a suicide hotline counselor. I would just tout that skill as one of the most incredible skills you can learn.”

Terminating Temporary Protected Status: A Lose-Lose-Lose Situation

“Many of them lose status and become subject to deportation or go into the underground and not have the prospects they currently have in the U.S.”

An Interview with Josep Borrell, Former President of the European Parliament

“My main concern is that people talk about the Catalans and Catalonia as if they were homogeneous.”

An Interview with William MacAskill, Founding Member of Effective Altruism

"So I prefer not to read the news because I think news in general gives you a very biased viewpoint of what is most important in the world."

An Interview with Jo Aggarwal, Co-inventor of Wysa

"Our mission is to make the world mentally resilient, it isn’t to cure depression—it isn’t to cure a mental illness. We’re out there to make sure that nobody is completely alone."

An Interview with Joel Benenson, Chief Strategist and Pollster to Obama and Clinton Campaigns

"Everything about [Obama’s] campaign from beginning to end—the culture, the historic nature of it—was secondary; it was just an unbelievable team effort, and he was an extraordinary candidate."

An Interview with Evan McMullin, Former Independent Presidential Candidate

"We’ve got to have leaders who will not give in to the temptation to exacerbate and then capitalize on those divisions for political purposes."

An Interview with Gretchen Carlson, TV Journalist and Author, “Be Fierce”

"When I jumped off the cliff all by myself in July 2016, there was no MeToo hashtag or Time’s Up. It was just me alone taking on an incredibly powerful man."

A Yale Professor Explains: Robert Shiller Talks Economics

"People are driven by talk, narratives, stories. And they don’t look at data independently; they don’t. Most people. They just listen to 'What’s the story now.'"