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An Interview with Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight’s Senior Political Analyst

”Being at FiveThirtyEight allows me to expound and explain what I’m doing statistically. We also have very smart people in the room– statistically smart people. Instead of there being one or two of those, there’s seven or eight or nine of them. If I want to ask a question or bounce an idea off of someone, it’s very rare that I won’t be able to have the opportunity to do that.


Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and the Highway Cliff: An Interview with Robert Puentes

Robert Puentes is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, where he works on the Metropolitan Policy Program and directs the Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative. The Politic spoke to Puentes about Congress’ highway cliff, a 21st century gas tax, lessons from Europe and Asia on high-speed rail, and more.

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An Interview with Suzan LeVine, U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Lichtenstein

Suzan “Suzi” LeVine has been the United States Ambassador to Swizterland and Liechtenstein since June, 2014. Prior to her appointment, she served as co-founder and chairperson of the advisory board for the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS) at the University of Washington. From 2009-2012, LeVine worked at Microsoft Corporation as Director of Strategic Partnerships for