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Prejudice on the Playground: When Islamophobia Enters the Classroom

Prejudice on the Playground: When Islamophobia Enters the Classroom

Islamophobia isn’t just increasing in political rhetoric – it’s growing in school environments.

Incivility? Examining the Controversy Behind Civil Forfeiture

An underground marijuana operation. A former high school teacher. An unsuspecting wife. The scene resembles something from Breaking Bad, but for Kathleen von Hofe, the situation became a reality when the Branford, Connecticut police department raided her home in 2001. While Harold von Hofe admitted to growing and distributing marijuana in the basement of their

Plastic Paradise: Brazil’s Cosmetic Surgery Boom

A surgeon penetrates the bridge between your two nostrils. Tweezers enter the space created by the incision, lifting the skin off your nose as if it is the hood of a car. Now comes the scalpel, cutting bone and transforming cartilage until the nose takes on its desired shape. This disquieting and quease-inducing procedure—rhinoplasty—should be

A Bloody, Contested Anniversary: The Armenian Genocide A Century Later

“Don’t let them take me! Don’t let them take me!” Satenig cried. She gave Edward, another Armenian trapped in the schoolhouse basement, the little money she had in exchange for his protection. Each night, Ottoman authorities would raid the basement and remove the Armenians that were either dead or weak. Satenig was weak. She could

How to Build Your Own Political Dynasty: An Instruction Manual

So, you want political power? You can picture your name on elementary schools and highways; you dream of a crowd chanting your name under raining red, white, and blue confetti. In America this means you have to run a top-notch, cutthroat campaign while also remaining likeable to voters. This requires hiring the best strategists, making

A Silent Surge: The New NHPD Strategy That No One’s Talking About

In December 2014, Yale students, Yale faculty, and New Haven activists marched across the city to the beat of drums. Since Michael Brown was shot on a Ferguson, MO, street last August, groups such as the Black Student Alliance at Yale and the community coalition ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) have