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Out of the Cycle Podcast: Episode 2

AMERICA’S REALITY-SHOW PRESIDENCY STEAMROLLS stories and turns news headlines into sound bytes. Now more than ever, it is difficult to stay informed about issues beyond the current Administration.

That’s why The Politic started Out of the Cycle, a podcast focusing on pressing and current topics that might not be on your radar. Each 20-minute episode will feature perspectives from experts, Yale students, and community leaders.

Episode 2: South Sudan

South Sudan has been plagued by Civil War for over 60 years. Over two million South Sudanese refugees have been forced to flee from their homes to refugee camps in Ethiopia and around the African continent. There is also a large diaspora of South Sudanese people around the world. How did the conflict start and where does it stand today? We talked to Sophia Dawkins, a Yale Ph.D. student specializing in South Sudan, and Nyamal Tuor, a Yale sophomore originally from South Sudan, to gain insight into the conflict.

Have an idea for a story? Want to be featured? Contact us at outofthecyclepodcast@gmail.com.