Stardom for Sale

At talent conventions for kids, families buy in and lose out.

Purple State: The Supreme Court Takes on Gerrymandering in North Carolina

"That richness of being a purple state…leads to good dialogue and debate."

Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers: Refugees Share Their Cultures Through Culinary Diplomacy

"Sharing food is a form of nation branding—building collective knowledge of a culture through cuisine."

Based on a True Story: The Ethos of the “Docudrama”

“Most of the time when you are making a film about a historical person it reflects much more about the time in which it is being made than it does about the period it’s trying to illuminate.”

The National Food Fight: Trump Administration takes on Obama-era School Nutrition Regulations

"The Trump Administration is pulling out all the stops to rollback any protection or public health safeguard at the expense of harming kids’ health."

Resilience Recognized: San Francisco Honors World War II’s “Comfort Women”

"To me, the name of the country that perpetrated the sex slavery is almost irrelevant."

Refugees in Small-Town Idaho

"The Twin Falls case exemplifies a collision of dichotomies and frictions that continue to be played out everywhere."

Fire and Furry: America’s Petless President

"Donald was not a dog fan."

Not a Winter Wonderland: A Steep Slope of Inequality in Ski Resorts

“Life for [many immigrants] is fundamentally different than a tourist or wealthy resident."

An Interview with Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett of the U.S. Virgin Islands

“While everyone else is talking about the hurricane and rebuilding, there’s an underlying crisis.”

Super Bowl Ad Review: Have a Coke

"The ad invites the viewer to embrace diversity by remarking, 'There’s a Coke for you.'"

State of the Union 2018 Liveblog

Welcome to The Politic's liveblog of the 2018 State of the Union!