An Interview With Columbia Professor Mark Lilla, Author and Critic of Identity Politics

"Electoral politics is about seizing power, period."

Trump’s Turkey Pardon Liveblog

The Politic provides live coverage of the first Turkey Pardon of the Trump Presidency.

An Interview With Carl Gershman ’65, President of the National Endowment for Democracy

"You can provide a system for those who are fighting for democracy, but you can’t advance it through military force."

An Interview With POLITICO Healthcare Journalist Dan Diamond

Dan Diamond is a POLITICO policy reporter, the author of POLITICO's Pulse newsletter, a daily briefing on the latest in healthcare, and the host of “Pulse Check."

Breaking Down the Budget: A New Bottom Line for Republicans

For conservatives, the stakes are high to push through an overhaul of the tax code.

Constitutionality Complicated by Reality: The Cost of the Bail Bond System

“I think that real change has to start before the point of arrest,” said Davidson.

Pardoned: The Formerly-Incarcerated Seek A Second Chance

"It is then our inherent responsibility as a community to try to surround these people with the necessary resources so that they can sustain free lives.”

Was Dove’s Recent Advertisement Racist?

"In a society where racism has been entrenched in people’s views from the inception of the country, it is inevitable that people will notice racism through subtle details."

An Interview with Margaret Taylor, Chief Democratic Counsel for the Senate Foreign Relationships Committee

Milan Vivanco talks with Margaret Taylor about diplomacy and its challenges under Trump.

Election Day 2017 Liveblog

Welcome to The Politic's liveblog covering the results of the 2017 elections!

Ballot Breakdown: New Haven Election Day

Your guide to the New Haven ballot.

The Real Origins of #MeToo

Feminism needs to be intersectional.