An Interview with Bill Walker, Independent Governor of Alaska

“I don’t think any party has the monopoly on solutions.”

Donald Trump’s Bizarre Obsession With Blood

Trump's remarks suggest that he has a disturbing obsession with blood and the female body.

Going Rogue on Climate Change: States Respond to Trump’s Policy Changes

After President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Accords, some states took preventing climate change into their own hands.

Militaristic Egyptian Nationalism, from Nasser to el-Sisi: PART 1

"In Egypt, the military is the state."

An Interview with Amy Klobuchar, Senior Minnesota U.S. Senator

“I’m not running as a woman, even though I am one. I am running because I’m running based on my experience as a prosecutor. I’m running based on what I want to get done.”

DeVos’s Dangerous Daycare: East Hartford High and the 2018 Budget Proposal

“It is heartless...millions of kids around this country are going to suffer what has been done with a $9.2 billion cut to our education programs,” DeLauro said.

Life Goes On: Ramadan and American Businesses

"The holy month of Ramadan is a period of heightened religiosity, spiritual reflection, and charity for Muslims around the world."

The New Bully Pulpit: When Comedy Turns Political

"It’s time for comedians to recognize their role in educating the future electorate—especially young people."

Investigative Journalism to Combat the Opioid Epidemic: An Interview with Pulitzer Prize-Winner Eric Eyre

In the first installment of a four-part series on how Americans have begun to battle the opioid epidemic, Arka Gupta interviews Pulitzer-winning Eric Eyre on his work in W. Virginia.

Voting with Money: Political Donations and Trump’s Cabinet Nominees

How would Trump's cabinet nominees have done without the votes of those to whom they donated? Check our graphic.

Something I Can Control: Women Rush to Get IUDs After Trump’s Election

What does it mean for women to make medical choices for political reasons?

Whose Long Island? Immigrants Battle for Rights In Suburban New York

"In a lot of minds, Long Island is still a place for rich, white people."