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Game Over

How War Gaming Affects Military Planning Recently, United States Central Command, the combatant command responsible for military operations in the Middle East, conducted a war game to assess the consequences of Israel striking Iran in protestation of their nuclearization efforts. The simulation found that an Israeli strike could lead to regional war; if that were

Will South Sudan Survive?

By Meredith Potter SIX years ago, the civil war that ravaged Sudan from 1983 to 2005 came to an end. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which ended the conflict, provided the people of southern Sudan an opportunity to vote in a referendum scheduled for January 2011; that referendum would decide whether southern Sudan ought to be

After Osama

By Meredith Potter ON MAY 2, 2011, American operatives stormed a residential compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, killing al Qaeda commander Osama bin Laden. The immediate effect on the United States and its allies was psychological; retribution had been achieved after the grand plotter of the September 11 attacks eluded United States intelligence agencies for nearly